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  • Quick Coupling

    Regular Price: ₹750.00

    Special Price ₹712.00

    Quick Coupling Learn More
  • Sodium Hypochlorite PRIME

    Available in 3% & 5.25% strength. Mint aroma. With pH buffer. Can digest pulpal debris. Learn More
  • RC Fill PRIME

    Zinc oxide eugenol base Contains iodoform Radio opaque Bio resorbable set mass Learn More
  • Calcium Hydroxide Powder PRIME

    It can be used for pulp capping. Need to mix with water for injection to make paste of desired consistency while using. Learn More
  • Eugenol Liquid PRIME

    Used with zinc oxide for temporary filling. Learn More

    Temporary filling for cavities. Self curing under humidity. Can be easily removed with the help of Probe & Excavator. Product information: TMP-RS is a proven filling material for temporary... Learn More
  • Zinc Oxide Powder PRIME

    Dental grade. Temporary filling material. Learn More
  • Zinc Oxide Eugenol Quick Set Cement PRIME

    Zinc Oxide Eugenol Quick set Cement is a powder liquid formulation where in the zinc oxide is specially processed along with a Methacrylate resin for superior mechanical properties. The setting time... Learn More
  • Restore Glass Glass ionomer restorative cement D-TECH

    Features Humid-Stable glass ionomer restorative cementAesthetic looksFluoride release Indication for use Suitable for restoration of prepared teeth and restorations of class III ,V & limited Class... Learn More
  • Lute Glass Glass ionomer luting cement D-TECH

    Features Provides excellent adhesion of prosthesis with dentin Releases fluorideLow post operative sensitivity Indication for use For cementation of inlays,crowns & bridges. Cementation of... Learn More
  • RC Solve PRIME

    Softens GP points. Softens zinc oxide cement. Controlled penetration to avoid disturbing apical seal. Shall not retard composite setting. Product information: RC Solve liquid is a derivative of... Learn More
  • RC Seal PRIME

    Root canal sealant. Epoxy bonded. Virtually formaldehyde free. Shrink free set. Eugenol free. Shall not retard composite setting. Non Bio Resorbable. Product information: Epoxy bonded root... Learn More

SHOWING 1-12 of 23 TOTAL

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